Below are plans that are unique in that they are specials offered. Each plan is offered on a 12 month contract only and cannot be changed once subscribed. For more information please see the Critical Information Summaries.


Premium Plus Super Bundle Plus
Monthly Fee $69.95 $89.95
Download Limit N/A 250GB
ADSL2+ Connection N/A Included
Line Rental Included Included
Local Calls Unlimited Unlimited
National Rates Unlimited Unlimited
1300 Calls 45c Untimed 45c Untimed
Mobile Rates Unlimited Unlimited
International Rates Click here Click here
Contract 12 months 12 months
Critical Information Summary Download Download
Minimum Fee over 12 months $839.40 $1079.40
ADSL Early Termination Fee  N/A $250.00 pro-rata
ADSL New Setup Fee N/A $99.00
Land Line Early Termination Fee $100 pro-rata $100 pro-rata

Setup fees are based on an active land line with an active phone number. For new telephone connections please refer to the table here.

  • Payment is debited directly from a nominated bank account or credit card, all invoices are generated one month in advance.
  • Bundled plans contract both the broadband and Land Line service over the selected term.
  • Should you port your Land Line service to a competitor in the future, the DSL component will automatically migrate to the Standalone package. (i.e. Bundle 2 would migrate to Home 2).
  • Early Termination Fees are charged pro-rata for the remaining months left in contract. (i.e. on a 12 month ADSL contract, if you cancelled with 6 months remaining; $250.00 / 12months * 6 months = $125.00 early termination).
  • A $2.20 paper invoice fee will be charged each month if you choose to receive a paper bill
  • $10 postage and handling fee apples for modem/router delivery