Security Tools

All our account’s are password protected. The initial password at signup should be changed as soon as possible. We will check accounts for weak passwords from time to time, if we detect an account with a weak password we may contact you to change this to protect your account.

Some of our services will require stronger passwords when you attempt to change them. A strong password is a password that contains a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters (such as %$#@! etc.) and is not a number substitution for a letter (ie letter – l3tt3r). Please avoid using dictionary or christian names where possible and putting year-dates in the password (such as 1991).

Account Verification

Before we can access and discuss your account details with you, we will need to confirm certain identity information that we have previously collected from you (most of which will be typically during the initial signup process). You are also able to nominate an Authorised Representative to act on your behalf. Verification would also apply to your representative before they can make changes to your account on your behalf.

Should you forget your password, please contact us – we will need to verify your account before initiating the password reset procedure.