NBN Services

Please see our below table for all NBN plans available on our network. These services are provided on the NBN Fibre and Wireless technologies.

Home 1 Home 2 Home 3 Home 4 Home 5
Monthly Fee $49.95 $59.95 $69.95 $79.95 $99.95
Cost per GB ($1.00/GB) ($0.60/GB) ($0.28/GB) ($0.16/GB) ($0.10/GB)
Monthly Quota 50GB 100GB 250GB 500GB 1TB
Service Speed 12MB/1MB 12MB/1MB 12MB/1MB 12MB/1MB 12MB/1MB
Contract See Below See Below See Below See Below See Below
Minimum Contract Prices Price Matrix Price Matrix Price Matrix Price Matrix Price Matrix
Critical Information Summary Download Download Download Download Download

General Terms

All our NBN plans are subject to the below general terms and conditions, we also provide a free TP Link Wireless router at a discounted rate on a 24 month contract;

No Contract 12 Month 24 Month
Setup Fee $129.00 FREE FREE
NBN Early Termination Fee N/A $179.00 $179.00
Inclusions Cancel Any Time Free Setup Free Setup + Wireless Router
  1. NBN services are provided with a no contract term, a 12 month contract term or a 24 month contract term. The no contract term includes a $129.00 setup fee and the first month fully payable. The 12 month contract term is provided with a waived setup fee. The 24 month term has a waived setup fee and a free wireless NBN compatible router. A VoIP Router can be purchased for an additional fee.
  2. If the service is cancelled or disconnected whilst under contract, a $179.00 early termination fee applies.
  3. Uploads and downloads are counted towards your monthly quota.
  4. A $2.20 paper invoice fee will be charged each month if you choose to receive a paper bill.
  5. We will ask you as part of the signup process if you require an NBN compatible router.  If you already have your own that you wish to use, or to purchase one from a retailer then there will be no hardware charges applied.
  6. TP-Link Wireless NBN compatible routers are $120.00, VoIP compatible routers are supplied at a charge of $220.00.
  7. $15.00 postage and handling fee apples for modem/router delivery.
  8. Should you exceed your quota your service will be shaped to 256kps/256kps for the remainder of your billing period. Your billing period can be obtained from our Customer Service Toolkit, the date range printed on your invoice or by calling our customer service team.
  9. Upgrading plans can be done for free, downgrading plans come with a once off change fee of $22.00.

For more information on the NBN services please contact our sales team on 1300 650 865 or contact us here.